Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Observations from a Hockey Game

I really stink at blogging....I will try to get better, I promise.

Last Friday, I went to another Colorado College hockey game with Hubby, my Mother-in-Law, and her friend.  I tend to become very cynical when surrounded by large groups of people, and I wanted to share some observations from this game....

1.  If you are going to go to a sporting event, please choose the team you are going to cheer for ahead of time.  If you have no strong team affiliation, politely cheer for each team at appropriate times.  Please do not cheer loudly and enthusiastically for both teams, and don't cheer when the team you were just cheering for incurs a penalty.  It is very confusing to those of us around you, and makes it hard to determine whether you are friend or foe.

2.  In this country, we like to celebrate our nation, because it is a pretty awesome place to live.  Please don't remain seated during the national anthem.  Even if you are in a foreign country, it is the polite thing to do.  Seriously. 

3.  After you are done disrespecting my country, please don't pull out a book and proceed to READ through the ENTIRE game.  We are talking about a grown woman here, not a little kid who can't focus on one thing for that period of time.  Why bother coming?  Stay home and read.

4.  Ladies,  a hockey game is not a fashion show.  You don't need to wear dresses and heels.  Your pearl necklace can stay in the jewelry box.  If you do choose to wear a short dress, please be conscious of what is underneath.  Translucent tights that show your undies when climbing up the stairs are probably NOT your best option. 

5.  If your child is screaming at an unnatural decible, it is not the appropriate time to stick your fingers in your ears and laugh.  If your child continues to scream painfully loud, again, putting your fingers in your ears and laughing is not the answer.  I don't want to be deafened because you can't tell your child to stop screaming. 

6.  This one is probably most important....when you are in a tightly packed space, with a lot of people around you.....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE wear deodorant.