Sunday, September 27, 2015

World's Worst Blogger

Well, after a multi-year hiatus, I think I have officially captured the title of World's Worst Blogger (or maybe I am tied with my sister Dana?).

The big news in the Moose household is that this past July, we packed up our belongings and moved across the country from Colorado to New York.

Moving such a long distance is stressful and incredibly frustrating at times, but we arrived in one piece and had no major damage to our belongings, so we'll consider it a win.  After everything was packed, all our worldly possessions only filled up about a quarter of this truck.  We decided to have the Army move us rather than doing it ourselves, and I think that is the only way I will do it in the future - much less work than doing it yourself!

The drive across country took three days, and was quite the adventure with three vehicles (one on a trailer), a cat, and a dog.  I had the pleasure of driving with Miss Kitten, and was very thankful that she only meowed for the first few hours, and then preferred to hide under her blankets for the majority of the trip.  If you've never stayed in a hotel room with a cat and a dog, it can be quite the experience.

Diesel guarding our hotel room
My driving partner

 In New York, we made a big step and decided to purchase our first home.  It's a home that was built in the 1930's and has been remodeled inside within the last few years.  It sits on over an acre of land and we absolutely love it.  It's been so fun to try to make this house our own.

Our new home!

We still like to represent Colorado even though we're far away!

Brian leaves for a 9 month trip to Korea next week.  This is slightly scary for me since it will be the first time he's left that I haven't lived close to family.  I look forward to learning more about our new area while he's gone - hopefully I will survive the harsh winter here!