Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hang on Tight!

A few months ago, Brian bought this monstrosity to feed his addiction for all things with four wheels....

This past weekend was our first time taking it up into the mountains for some off-roading.  We went to a trail called Mettbury Gulch, which is Northwest of Colorado Springs.

We had a lot of fun, and the scenery in the area is absolutely stunning. In 2002, this area was burned in the Hayman fire, which was the largest forest fire in Colorado's recorded history.  The forest is still full of dead trees and remnants of the burn. 

We took Diesel with us, and I'm not sure he enjoyed it as much as us humans did.  At one point, the ride got so bumpy that he was clinging to the armrest as if he was going to be bounced out of the truck...

Along the way, we got out periodically to search for geocaches.  We were able to find four out of the five we attempted, with the help of the world's happiest helper.  My Uncle Yogi would have been proud. 

It was quite a bumpy ride, though Brian claims it was "easy."  Below is a picture of the most difficult part of the trail.  Going up was much easier than going down, during which there may have been two wheels completely off the ground at one time.

I promise I will try to blog more often...especially now that it is summer and we are actually out doing things!