Thursday, October 20, 2011

Go Tigers!

For hubby's birthday, my mother-in-law got him season tickets to Colorado College Tigers' Hockey this season.  Brian is quite a big hockey fan, and the Tigers are currently ranked number 4 in the nation, and quite possibly the best NCAA team in Colorado (As much as I love Rams football, our 63-13 loss to Boise State this past weekend does not put us anywhere near that title). 

After several months of watching primarily baseball, it is quite an adjustment to get used to watching hockey.  Before I met Brian, I had only seen one hockey game, and had no concept of the rules.  My understanding of the rules is not much better now, but I do know what "off-sides" is at least. 

This past weekend, we went to two games against Bemidji State, which CC won both of! Next month we go to see Wisconsin - my mother-in-law also bought us matching Wisconsin sweatshirts to wear to this one, as Brian is a native Wisconsinite. 

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  1. Hockey is a fun game but until HGTV gets the NHL contract there won't be any hockey watching at our house.