Saturday, November 7, 2015

An Update

I've been pestered from many directions about writing a new blog, so here it is!

This morning was the first weekend morning in a while where it wasn't raining, so I decided to ignore the leaves in the yard and take Diesel for a walk on the Black River Trail.  My mom and dad did this trail when they visited, and they told me how nice it was.  It's entirely paved and super well maintained.  The trail runs along the Black River, which I like to call the Raging River of Death because it has some crazy looking rapids.  The section of the river along the trail is fairly calm, though.  There is a hydro power plant at the end of the trail, which was pretty neat.

This afternoon, I went to see the new James Bond film, Spectre.  I really recommend it, it was very good!

My mom just sent me a text message with the following picture, created 23 years ago tomorrow.  I don't think a lot has changed since I was 5!

Tomorrow I will be mowing the grass and raking more leaves.  I rake leaves every day on my lunch break and have spent about 10 hours each the last two weekends raking.  It is never ending! One of the trees is hanging onto its leaves still so I will probably be raking until the snow starts falling.  I'm just glad there hasn't been any snow yet!  Here's some pictures of leaves so you can feel my pain:


  1. OMGosh I feel your pain. Those leaves look like their 4 feet high. But glad to see you got out on the trail. Your mother and I loved it.

  2. That looks like a great trail.
    I hate raking leaves. Our old place here in Tulsa we had about 20 trees on our 0.13 acres and we raked and raked and raked and bagged and bagged and bagged. So I'm feeling your pain.

  3. How come none of your neighbors seem to have all those leaves? I think they might be blowing them into your yard so you have to do all the raking. :)