Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do these shoes make my toes look fat?

Yes, I will admit it.  I bought these dorky shoes.  They are Vibram FiveFinger shoes.  I know my Uncle has some, and my Husband has two pairs.  I make fun of him about his a lot, but I guess I can't anymore. They are supposed to be very good for your feet and body in general...I figure they will be good for evening walks and trips to the dog park.  They are incredibly difficult to put on (my toes don't want to go into their spaces) and I am told they take some time to get used to. Mostly I got them because they come in pink!


  1. I love it.

    During United Way season me and my coworker have "toe shoe Tuesdays" where we wear are shoes to the office. It's an unofficial event but we like it.

    I'm thinking of getting my third pair. I have my lawn mowing pair, and my house pair, now I'm going to get a trail running pair.

    I always thought you were very cool. I guess that I was wrong.

    (Just kidding!)

  2. Yogi said to come visit you so here I am. I might get some if they are good for you. Have a great day. Love your blog.

  3. I'm following your uncle's directions and here I am, too!! They are colorful shoes, have to look for some of these!


  4. Hello, Jillian! I'm visiting from Uncle Yogi's blog where he posted your feet! Have you read Born to Run? It's about barefoot (or minimal) running apparel. I'm too old for the Vibrams, but I've heard good things about them. (Except from my friend who broke her toe.) Good Luck on your Blog!

  5. Hello. Welcome to the Blogosphere. I blog as Tulsa Gentleman and am friends with your brother Alan. Your blog is in the pink. Good luck and happy blogging.

  6. Hopping over from Yogi's blog. I always wondered how hard it was to get those toes in to those shoes. I would think they might mess up my pedicure too!

  7. Over from Yogi's. The shoes are cute! Love the nickname.

  8. Popping over via Yogi, to say hello.
    So, hello :)

    I think the shoes are great, although, orange would be a divine colour for me.....