Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The World's Rottenest Kitten

Time to introduce the next member of my little family (which is composed primarily of four legged members)...

Meet Kitten (aka Rascal).  Kitten is 2 years old - I adopted her while I was a senior at Colorado State (Go Rams!).  Kitten was adopted out by some dumb college students and was separated from her mother at 4 weeks old (too early).  I have since learned that kittens who are separated from the mothers too early have a tendency to be rotten.  Kitten really tries to live up to this. 

As a tiny kitten, Kitten had an identity crisis when my parents' Lab, Keira, came to visit for a few weeks.

To this day, Kitten loves Keira only.  She is definitely not as fond of her little brother, Diesel.

Some of Kitten's hobbies include:  scratching, meowing, chasing Diesel, chasing Mom, cuddling when she thinks you're asleep, biting hands, stalking, and drinking straight from the faucet.

Despite the fact that she is the World's Rottenest Kitten, I still love her very much!

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