Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why "Meet the Mooses"?

I received a request from my Mom's blog, News From The "Pole" Yard, to explain my choice of "Meet the Mooses" for a blog title.

  I am a newlywed Army wife.  One thing I've learned about the Army is that there is a strict code that prevents anyone from ever calling you by your first name.  There must be some sort of nickname, shortening of the last name, distortion of the last name, or at the very least you are known by your last name.  Somehow, my Husband ended up with the nickname "Moose."  I am not entirely sure why...It could be due to his height (6'4") or the Chewbacca-esque "Moose Call" noise he tends to make after consuming a few malted beverages.  Either way, the name "Moose" has stuck, and shortly after we were engaged, his friends began referring to me as "Mrs. Moose."  Hence, we became the "Mooses," and "Meet the Mooses" was born.


  1. Mrs. Moose might be better than Mrs. Polecat!

  2. Yep, Mrs. Moose is definitely preferable to Mrs. Polecat! Fun blog! Hope you have as much fun with yours as we do!! Have a great weekend, Jillian .. uh, Mrs. Moose!!